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We recently completed and displayed our custom-themed hot tub surround at the SNL Conference and Expo in DeVos Place on May 16, 2006. The hot tub surround seen in this photo was scaled down to fit the display booth at the Expo. The bowl portion of the sculpture would actually be made to fit around your hot tub. If you're interested in a custom hot tub or pool surround, just contact us.
We will meet with you or your architect at your home or place of business to determine your budget, needs and hot tub or pool theme. We will measure the area and provide you with a free written estimate, including optional elements that can be added to your hot tub or pool surround. Because each project is custom, we require a 50 percent deposit against the total cost of the project up front. This deposit covers initial concept drawings and materials for your project.
The sculpture is hand-carved from foam, then hard coated with Sto BTS Plus for exterior durability which will withstand the elements. The sculpture is then faux painted and sealed and live and/or silk plants, fountains, and lighting elements are added to enhance your hot tubbing pleasure.  Depending on size and design, construction can take anywhere from 4-8 weeks.
Because each hot tub surround is custom designed for each area and client, no two will be exactly alike. We can even design and build specialty surrounds and themed privacy walls for swimming pools. So whether you want to do your soaking or swimming in a Roman bath house, an Egyptian pyramid, or a tropical paradise, let Schneider Creations LLC design and build it for you!
The hot tub surround you see in the photo is made to be portable - and so can yours! This hot tub surround is made of five self-supporting pieces which are bolted together. The surround can be broken down in just a few minutes with standard household tools, and the pieces can be moved by 2-3 people. No crane, no heavy equipment, no need to leave your favorite hot tub surround just because you sold your house!
Because each surround is custom, there is no standard price.  However, the hot tub surround you see here is 12 ft. tall and 8 ft. wide.  With the full bowl to encompass a hot tub and special lighting and foliage, a model this size would run approximately $12,000. 

Click here if you would like to be contacted about a custom hot tub or pool surround!

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