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Here's what people have to say about our work . . .

June 28, 2006 - Disc form and casting for Marshwood Studios, Inc.:
"John's technical knowledge and skills are exceptional. Flexibility - not always a strong point with artists - is one of John's assets. Because we did not really know what to expect, John led us to the product we wanted and needed at a price we can work with."
John Baughman
Marshwood Studios, Inc.

April 3, 2006 - Two 16-ft. tall Samurai sculptures for the October 2005 production of The Firebird for The Grand Rapids Ballet Company:
"We are extremely lucky to have an artist of your caliber living and working in Grand Rapids, and I for one look forward to the next time we can collaborate on a production together."
Gordon Peirce Schmidt, Executive/Artistic Director
The Grand Rapids Ballet Company

February 2005 - Lamoreaux bronze busts at Lamoreaux Memorial Park in Sparta, MI for the American Legion:
". . . a beautiful new bronze sculpture designed and created by local sculptor John Schneider."
A.G. Meyer, Jr.
American Legion Post 107

Letter from The Grand Rapids Ballet Company
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Letter from American Legion
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May 16, 1990 - General work recommendation from Cinnabar:
"His skills in mold-making, sculpting, fabrication and painting have been greatly appreciated. John takes his work seriously and ultimately has always come up with a workable solution to any given problem."
Doug Morris, Production Manager
Cinnabar - Hollywood, CA

Letter of recommendation from Cinnabar
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