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When you come to Schneider Creations for a project, it's one-stop shopping . . .
design, sculpture, fabrication, and restoration all under one roof!

Schneider Creations offers custom interior and exterior design options that go beyond the norm. John's years of experience as a special effects technician have given him the special skills to think outside the box and create rooms and exterior spaces that uniquely reflect our clients' dreams. The photo you see here is of Tom Hendershot's basement.  Tom is a paleontologist who requested that John sculpt a life-size Tyrannosaurus Rex leg based off a T-Rex footprint he has. After John completed the project, Tom loved it so much that John suggested outfitting part of the room as a prehistoric display. Tom heartily agreed, so John designed and sculpted the faux rock walls and display nooks that you see in the photo, as well as installing the specialty lighting and greenery to complete the look. Tom has now decided to have John finish outfitting the room with more faux rock - including redesigning the entertainment center.
Hot Tub & Pool Surrounds
We recently completed and displayed one of our custom-themed hot tub surrounds at the SNL Conference and Expo in DeVos Place on May 16, 2006. This is a scaled down version to fit the display booth, but the bowl portion of the sculpture would actually be made to fit around a hot tub.  The sculpture is hand-carved from foam, then hard coated with a Sto product for exterior durability which will withstand the elements. The sculpture is then faux painted and sealed then live and/or silk plants, fountains, and lighting elements can be added to enhance your hot tubbing pleasure. Because each hot tub surround is custom, no two will be exactly alike. We can even design and build specialty surrounds and themed privacy walls for swimming pools. So whether you want to do your soaking or swimming in a Roman bath house, an Egyptian pyramid, or a tropical paradise, let Schneider Creations LLC design and build it for you!

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Dwarf elephant sculpture for Potomac Museum

Lamoreaux Brothers bronze busts - Lamoreaux Park in Sparta, MI

Two 16' tall Samurai sculptures for The Grand Rapids Ballet's 2005 production of "The Firebird"

T-Rex leg and prehistoric faux-rock walls and display shelves

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Click here to be linked to Tom Hendershot's website, to view and purchase awsome dinosaur posters!


John Schneider, owner and artist, is well known in the motion picture and television industry for his sculpting abilities. John can rough in a sculpture quickly - leaving him more time to spend on refining the minute details that some sculptures lack . . . even down to the wetness in the eyes of this dwarf elephant he created for the Potomac Museum (a traveling exhibit). John recently completed two 16-ft. tall Samurai sculptures for The Grand Rapids Ballet's 2005 production of "The Firebird". John was also commissioned to create bronze busts of the three Lamoreaux brothers who were killed in WWII. These busts were dedicated on Memorial Day 2005 and are displayed at Lamoreaux Park in Sparta, Michigan.
John is skilled in sculpting clay, carving and sculpting foam, and wood carving. He is also a talented mold-maker and has built his own large roto-cast machine for casting resin and urethane sculptures in-house. For bronze castings, Schneider Creations enlists the aid of the Alchemist Sculpture Foundry in Kalamazoo, Michigan, for their quality castings and workmanship.

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