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Proud members of the Grand Rapids and Rockford Area Chambers of Commerce.
Schneider Creations was founded in 1999 and exists today because we sought to fill a need that was missing in the private and commercial sectors – the need for a one-stop shop for custom art, design, tradeshow displays, specialty restoration, and more.
So many times we've heard people say, "I wish I had known about you two weeks ago. We had to turn down work because we didn't know anyone who could do that."  We're in business because of those needs.  And with a background in special effects for television and motion pictures, John Schneider has the skills to handle any task you throw out there.
You Dream It . . . We Build It!

John Schneider, Owner and Artist, with replica dwarf elephant sculpted for Potomac Museum

The photo above is of a set John Schneider worked on for Target's® winter commercial with Vanessa Williams.

"In 1999 I started Schneider Creations so I could concentrate more on sculpting, restoration, and specialty fabrication. Prior to 1999, I was a special effects technician in the motion picture and television industry for 14 years at companies such as Cinnabar in Los Angeles, Motion Picture Makers in Cascade, Michigan, Harmony Scenic Studios and Gizmos by JD in Minneapolis."

John had his first job as a special effects technician in Hollywood at the age of 17, and now has over 20 years of experience designing and creating custom pieces for motion picture and television, trade shows, museums, parks, and private individuals. 

John enjoys a wide variety of work, such as sculpting, mold-making, restoration, painting, animatronics, special effects, welding, machining, rig building, set building, fly rigs, etc. He has sculptures at Whistle Stop Park in Byron Center, Michigan, and Lamoreaux Park in Sparta, Michigan. He also has interactive children's displays at Lena Meijer Children's Garden (at Frederick Meijer Gardens) in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He has sculpted and carved museum displays such as the one you see here of a dwarf elephant – the skeletal remains of which were found on Sicily – and has made replica animals, animal parts, food, and human body parts. 

John sculpting

John (top center) with Vanessa Williams on set

Paula Schneider (left) with St. Bernard puppet and friends Rick & Shirley Reinert

Paula Schneider designs the company's print materials and the website. She also works on projects that require sewing.  She has made caveman suits for an Applebee's® commercial, clothing for marionette puppets, and sewed the fur for the Saint Bernard puppet you see here that was used for a Bissell® commercial. 

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